is one of the most important Web portal in Italy, addressed to Wine professionals, a meeting point and information exchange net for wine producers and production chain operators. Portal users can find useful information about the main thematic areas of the sector, such as: Market Scenarios, Marketing & Communication, Export, Finance & Administration, Regulations.


The web portal takes care of the promotion of the most important Italian event about Wine business that is held every year in December and welcome the main sector experts and their workshops about specific themes of huge importance for the companies dealing with this sector. The participation of many well-known Italian Wine brands, states the importance and the prestige of such an event.


GRS Srl Company

The Company GRS Srl takes care of the whole portal promotion and support the organization of the event, promoted by the Veronafiere Venue. GRS Srl is specialized in market analysis and a skilled experience about exibitions and events sector.

In the past, Grs Srl applied Wordpress platform for the previous editions of the event and for the portal management.


The first appointment with Inbound Marketing

During March 2015 we had our first meeting with Elisa Giachelle and Melissa Win2Wine-ElisaGiachettle-Melissa-Cogo.jpgCogo. In that occasion, we had the opportunity to learn the new portal project goals and the 2015 event targets. The main goal to gain was to raise the number of participants to the event together with the need of building a Web portal that could improve the users experience.

Some of the operations needed to complete the new project were the integration of the portal with systems of online event’s tickets booking and the arrangement of tools to help the users in order to organize their presence into different workshops.

We suggested the implementation of an Inbound Marketing project by using the HubSpot software platform. In the first step of the project, we have built together with GRS a strategic plan where we pointed out the targets for visitors, contacts, customers numbers. We carefully determined the buyer personas’ profiles, the significant keywords for their business, the competitors, the site framework and the strategy of the contents to achieve.


Portal development with HubSpot CMS

We used the HubSpot COS technology to create all the pages of portal. We integrated the pages with Eventbrite and with another app ( that allows the user to organize his planner during the workshop.

We started the HubSpot Blog to advertise relevant contents for the buyer personas. We created the landing pages to generate conversions (average CTR 24%). We planned the mail marketing campaign and we used the Social procedures for the contents spread.


Achieved results in the first 5 months

The Web portal has been set online at the end of June.

  • Up to November the number of visitors increased of 600%
  • The number of contacts increased of 380%logowine2wine.png
  • The number of customers increased of 43%
Before starting to use HubSpot and to join the Inbound Marketing strategy, the traffic coming from the search-engines reached roughly the 3% of the visitors. Today the visits generated from an organic search represent nearly 20% of the whole traffic; they produce 16% of the contacts and even 25% of the customers.









Demo HubSpot


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